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25-Aug-2017 19:23

He slips inside me easily now my cunt is gaping from the German shepherd. He fucks my hand with his juices splashing onto my belly and over my shaven cunt.

With each thrust of the new dog, more cum leaks out and runs down my thighs. I’m crying, it hurts so bad and still, and yet feels so wonderful. I lick my hand and reach back under me and grasp him. The other is at my feet licking the sticky dog cum off my soles. As I stroke the scraggly mutt left over, I rub the underbelly of the fourth dog with my bare foot. Before I even think it, I extend the tip of my tongue and lick the tip of the mutt’s cock. The last one licks my face, and just like that, they are gone.

Angel Nunez, captured the incident on his way to work, and posted the video to Facebook.'This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9,' he captioned it.'There is something definitely wrong with this picture.

The officer doesn't seem to have the proper training.

He then repeatedly says 'okay, okay' while the officer yells, 'give me your hand!

'Nunez's clip then shows the K9 biting the suspect, who is screaming in agony, while the officer unsuccessfully tries to get the animal off.

I lose all cares, as I begin deep-throating the massive cock in my mouth. The other dog lets out a whine, and suddenly warm jets of dog cum flood my leg.

In accordance to Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the City of Arlington Police Department provides Registered sex offender information via it’s website.

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He starts hunching, humping against my exposed arse as my skirt rides up around my waist. Yet my body began to respond to the friction of the huge cock against my pussy walls. I zoned out, I remember feeling the pine needles on my legs and I rested my head on my arms. My toes curled in the air, my cunt muscles clasping, tightening around him.

All his weight is on me, and he is tugging, pulling my head back. My hips arched, involuntarily rolling, bucking back to meet the German shepherds jack hammer thrusts.

Then I rolled over onto my knees in an attempt to scurry off. The German shepherd is suddenly on my back, teeth clamped on my ponytail. However, I could feel an orgasm building inside me.

I couldn’t wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible.

I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. There’s a path that cuts through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. Throughout the video the suspect repeatedly screams, 'I am comfortable!

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