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07-Sep-2017 18:25

Types of Men Gretchen says: Cameroon is an extremely diverse country, and “typical” types of men vary from city to city, region to region, ethnic group to ethnic group, religious background to religious background.

The following five classifications of men are based on my experience in Ngaoundéré, and are extremely generalized.

Quality can get iffy outside of the major cities, though, so I recommend bringing some from home if you expect you may be sexually active.

If you use a prescription birth control, get as much as you possibly can from home.

Especially for women, there is a great deal of shame and embarrassment associated with hormones and sexuality; the mindset surrounding general sexuality can be described as repressive on a good day.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider dating locals, of course.

Villages are going to be hit or miss with supply of feminine products as they are with anything else that has to come in on a truck.

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In smaller towns, beauty boutiques should carry them.

Breastfeeding Gretchen says: Breastfeeding is completely socially acceptable.

It’s totally normal for women to feed their babies wherever they need to, and they seldom cover up.

If you’re going to be in Cameroon short term, try to work it out so that you don’t have to renew or fill anything while you’re here.

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If you’re going to be here long term for work, talk with your employer about their medical resources and recommendations.

Papas: A lot of middle-aged and older Cameroonian men are just delightful.