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Be mindful however, that you'll also see a different side to paradise - relative poverty, coral bleaching and beaches that haven't been magically cleared of their litter, for example.

The Maldives is also a Muslim country - alcohol and swimwear are fine in resorts, but you'll need to dress and behave appropriately among locals.

If you're diving or snorkeling, don't forget a waterproof camera, phone case or Go Pro.

"These should have a lanyard to attach to your wrist," Pól adds. Carry cash Take out cash (US dollars or rufiyaa) at the airport in Malé.

The average height of the islands is just 1.8m above sea level… The Maldives is widely available as a honeymoon (and holiday) package from Ireland.

Once a successful corporate lawyer at a prestigious Philadelphia law firm, Jack Shannon lost his marriage and his job, due in part to a compulsive gambling habit. See full summary » This is a detective series set in 1950's Hollywood.

Similar to bathroom products, these are expensive to buy on-site - not least because almost everything in the resorts is imported. Given the long-haul flights, transfers and exclusive nature of its island resorts, trips to the Maldives do not come cheap.The Maldives is a 'shark sanctuary', with all types of shark fishing banned since 2010.That means some 30 species, including hammerheads and whale sharks, can roam freely in its 90,000sq km of the Indian Ocean, not only creating a paradise for divers and snorkelers, but helping to sustain local marine ecosystems. Island pathways are made of powder-white sand, making high heels redundant in paradise."By all means take some glamorous flats," Jillian recommends. Smart Casual is standard Suits, ties and formal dresses have no place on the Maldives.

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Dressing up for dinner involves smart casual gear, so edit the evening wear.

"Pack your floatiest dresses and thinnest shirts," Sarah advises.

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