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Turn first left into Wyndomayne Road & venue is on your left hand side.Skype recently announced a new translation tool that can interpret live speech in real time, across a number of languages. The recording cut out at one point, totally changing the meaning of one Mandarin phrase from “Of course, here you go” to “When to you.” It also mis-recognized my English “bitter” as “better,” resulting in an incorrect translation.We chose to test the combination that is likely to draw the largest number of users, English-Mandarin. But it struggled a lot going from Mandarin to English, despite usually capturing the right words.Both languages have massive numbers of speakers, but not a lot of overlap; if Skype wants this tool to be useful, it will likely have to perform well bridging the divide. It translated “bitter” as “hard,” and “there’s nothing in it” to simply “there’s nothing.” Stage 1 score: C .Albeit that Open Sky entertains young and old and we believe we provide the perfect venue for family fun, we take immense delight in entertaining the children!From babies to young adults we have various play activities which can be combined with specific themes, party packs, cakes and menus.Watch our video report card above, and read on for more on how we came up with the grades. Here it performed pretty well going from English to Mandarin.

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We translated speaker B’s lines to Mandarin to see how close Skype could translate back to the original English. Ping read a line from a novel by Mo Yan, a Nobel Prize-winning Chinese writer.

Our scoring system aims to measure how much of the original meaning was carried over to the target language: an “A” means the original meaning was translated in full, an “F,” not at all. Skype continued to do a pretty good job recognizing English and rendering it as Mandarin (even my annoyingly frequent “likes”).

What Skype is attempting to do is extremely complicated. It had a hard time with some speech recognition, like “Ping,” my colleague’s nickname, and would only recognize “Shanghai” when I pronounced it in a way that revealed my nasally Midwestern roots.

We offer guided pony rides to children and teenagers to experience the age-old thrill of horseback riding. All rides take place in a safe and controlled environment.

The beautiful setting, plus the touch and smell of a real horse will contribute to the total experience that will bring them much closer to nature.

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