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Harry pushed the nose of his broom downwards and took off in a thrilling, intense and downright dangerous vertical dive after his opponent.It would have been incredibly impressive if he had started a bit earlier and managed to actually pass the other boy and catch the snitch but he was too late.He inhaled the aroma of coconut shampoo and the light cologne of his best friend as he returned the hug just as warmly."Hey Nev. ""Always sweetie."He snuggled into his taller friend and smiling, chuckled into the boy's wide, well muscled shoulder."You know that this kind of thing doesn't exactly help the rumours about us, don't you.""And yet, you still continue.""Well you're just so comfy.""Prat."From her position behind the stands the auburn haired, twelve year old Rose Potter watched her brother and the boy that she considered her other brother leave for the castle arm in arm and clutched her book tightly to her chest.She had liberated this particular tome from the restricted section of the library by persuading a Seventh year Ravenclaw girl to use her pass in the noble pursuit of knowledge.For this challenge James and Lily Potter had to be alive and the Boy Who lived had to have a sibling. There are others but those are the three main one's to keep in mind.Other than that and the whole turning into a girl thing I have a pretty good deal of latitude here so let's list out the active AU changes.1. Now there will be some adventure but this is mainly a story of friendship and love. Changing Man Far above the pitch Harry potter felt the breeze against his face as he gripped his Nimbus 2000 broom lightly in his pale, slender hands and smiled with genuine pleasure.email : [email protected]| obchodní podmínky | kontakty | odkazy | Obrázky mají pouze informativní charakter. Rozměry (š xvxh): 595x595x566 Kapacita: 70 l Technologie Dual Cook (dříve Twin Convection ™) 2 horký vzduch, horní a spodní ohřev, gril Horní gril 1100W, dolní gril 1100W, horký vzduch 1200W Auto Menu - 40 programů 18 režimů vaření Parní čištění Steam Clean Katalytické čištění (1D - zadní stěna) Teplotní rozsah 40-250 ° C Teleskopické výsuvy Energetická třída: A Display Modrý LED (Ice Blue) Elektronické ovládání dotykové Vnitřek trouby - keramický smaltem Bezpečnostní zámek Časovač a kuchyňské hodiny Příslušenství: 2 plechy na pečení, 2 rošty ...


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While in class Harry's daydreaming tendancies had only got him some poor marks and the occasional detention, in the middle of a quidditch match, the consequences could be a little more serious.

Harry and his bestie Neville are not having a great time at school, but at least it can't get any worse. I have been wanting to do a gender change fic for a while now but have always shied away from it due to the existance of fics like Branchwraith's brilliant Season of Change and the equally wonderful offering by Nemesis13, Another Day in the Life. The Potters weren't killed and the Longbottoms weren't tortured into insanity.3.