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30-Jul-2017 19:01

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As we grow older we learn to express our feelings in a proper manner, some never grow up, so there you have it the elastic band theory.Let love be the bedrock of our relationships and I presume we know what love is.

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So, please answer if you are a guy and have done this to someone or if you are a girl and have experienced this from a guy - did it lead to the guy breaking up in the end or them "springing back" and how long would be normal for this "elastic band" to stretch out for?

It made no sense to me then, and the advice is making no sense to me now, however there is the theory to support the behaviour, the elastic band theory of relationships. The elastic band theory seems to imply that we should all be mean to each other to keep each other. Genuine intimacy requires dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity.