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Your passport must be valid for six months after the date of your arrival.

This thirty-day visa can be extended to three months at the Department of Immigration (Mon–Fri 8.30am–2pm; lk) at 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Punchi Borella, Colombo 10, on the east side of the city centre beyond Colombo General Hospital.

You can extend your visa as soon as you get to Sri Lanka; the month included in your original visa is included in the three months. Fees for three-month visa extensions (again, these are quoted in $) can be checked at lk; they’re currently for UK nationals, for citizens of the Republic of Ireland, for Australians, .50 for New Zealanders, for Canadians, and 0 for US citizens.

Conditions for extensions are an onward ticket and proof of sufficient funds, calculated at a day, although a credit card will probably suffice.

For police assistance in an emergency, call lk or on arrival at the airport.

The visa (prices are charged in $) is valid for thirty days and for two entries and currently costs if bought online ( for citizens of SAARC countries) or if bought on arrival; you can also buy a thirty-day business visa online (also ).

Round, three-pin sockets are the norm, though you’ll also sometimes find square three-pin sockets, especially in more upmarket hotels; adaptors are cheap and widely available.

It’s essential to take out insurance before travelling to cover against theft, loss and illness or injury.

There are no duty-free cigarettes on sale at the airport on arrival, either.

Leaving Sri Lanka you are permitted to export up to 10kg of tea duty-free.

In theory, you’re not allowed to take out more than Rs.250 in cash, though this is rarely checked.

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If you want to export antiques – defined as anything more than fifty years old – you will need authorization from the Archeological Department (Sir Marcus Fernando Mw, Colombo 7 lk) depending on exactly what it is you want to export.

Postal services from Sri Lanka (lk) are fairly reliable, at least if you stick to airmail, which takes three to four days to reach the UK and US.