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Some women liked showing off their men, and they liked the other women to see that they were the ones, and the only ones, who could play sexually with the men they brought, naked, to these gatherings. — right up to the limit of what she would allow while keeping everything else involving either of them naked solely between Paul and herself.With both of them behind their own masks, no one at this party would ever recognize her or Paul.Showing him off and knowing that the women knew he was hers, that he loved and trusted her so much that he was doing this because her sexual excitement and pleasure were important to him — Kristina couldn't imagine anything sexier.Her tummy clenched and her nipples tingled every time her attention was drawn back to Paul from her observation and enjoyment of the other naked men in the room.So it was a sexy, fun, safe playtime she was enjoying because her fantastic boyfriend had agreed to do this insane — — thing for her in order to make a long-time fantasy of hers come true.And she had selected the option to have others this evening know that she was accompanied by one of the men on display, without ever being able to recognize her, of course, due to the anonymity afforded by the mask covering the top half of Kristina's face. " or maybe, "He is in such good shape, and you must have a lot of fun with him!And it was such fun to observe as the women here approached him, talked to him, blatantly trailed their gazes down from his eyes to his penis.

But seeing first a non-erect man who then became erect; well, that was quite arousing. So seeing him nude as a prelude to their sexual play, then bringing him to full hardness (or — just as thrilling! There's no way I will be able to wait to get back to the hotel to suck you and fuck you, that's for sure! That's when the women start the game of trying to get the men hard just by whispering comments to them as everyone watches." His dumbfounded look was partially hidden behind his mask, but enough of it registered as his jaw dropped open momentarily that Kristina's pussy moistened even more. " Paul shifted his weight from foot to foot anxiously, his blush deepening as it worked its way up his neck to his cheeks. There was just no way he could resist Kristina, and the fact that she wanted him just as much was so mind-blowingly perfect that he wondered whether two people had ever been so much in love.Kristina was the only woman in a mask, one of the allowances made if a lady chose not to be known to others at the party.In almost all such cases, Kristina was told, the reason was because the masked lady was there with one of the nude males on display.) Picture or not, it would be a night of incessant teasing every time she was near enough to whisper something in his ear: "See that woman over there?

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" she said with a slight nod in the direction of the sharply dressed woman wearing a dressy pantsuit and white shirt unbuttoned just low enough for a fetching view of décolletage.She felt so sexy and so aroused and so in love with him every time she indicated to a woman which man was hers!

If she were at a bar and smiled at him, Derek of 1993 would have melted.… continue reading »

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