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02-Sep-2017 16:52

Virgil "Dobby" Hansen of Philip, South Dakota, painted hundreds of the nice wooden billboards that lined the byways of the midwest, hawking the wonders of Wall Drug.

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I was told that much of the art and artifact collection was damaged, but may be restored.

Most of the 'museum' space is dedicated to trying to sell you funny-smelling candles and throw-away cameras. Wall Drug is the miracle of the badlands and I already want to go back.

Joseph Michael Swango is a serial killer who, as a trusted doctor, had easy access to his victims.

The newest addition to the back lot is the huge T-Rex that roars once every twelve minutes.

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While it's not roaring it moves its head and eyeballs the little pink snacks hiding behind their parent's legs. I expected something world-class, given the piles of money Wall Drug makes each season but we found the museum to contain very few pharmacy related artifacts, all of which were up on a high shelf so anyone under 6 feet tell can't even see most of them.All of the Swango children feared their father as did Muriel.

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