Dating more than one man at a time

03-Jul-2017 00:15

Confidence really is one of the most attractive qualities, and the best way to have the feeling of confidence is to feel wanted.

When you know there are two or even more guys just waiting for your call, you know you’re hot. It’s often said that people who have just had sex have a glow around them.

Live in the moment and be the advocate for your own pleasure. If you know someone will judge you for dating multiple guys, then it’s none of their business, and they don’t have to know. [Read: 33 best places to meet eligible men] #3 Practice makes perfect.

Sex gets better and better the more of it you have.

This is true both in terms of knowing what you need for your own pleasure, and what it takes to drive a guy wild.

Even if your ultimate plan is to settle down with your dream man in the future, he’ll be easier to find and keep if you’re giving him great sex.

If you’re just screwing, then all is fair, but if he’s taking you on dates, and treating you more like a girlfriend, it’s time to ‘fess up.

Maybe he’ll accept it or maybe he won’t, but you owe it to a guy to tell him at that point. There’s definitely something thrilling about dating more than one guy at a time.

Your confidence level will be through the roof, and your sex life will come alive like it never has before.

You know how when you meet a guy you like, you always seem to meet another one at the same time? Why waste time dating just one guy, when you can sift through an entire bunch and pick the one that’s right for you? It’s not okay to lie or make someone believe that you’re exclusive with them when you’re not.

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