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(2) Evolution can't be true, since I lack the mental capacity to understand it; moreover, to accept its truth would cause me to be uncomfortable. ARGUMENT FROM INTELLIGENCE (1) Look, there's really no point in me trying to explain the whole thing to you stupid atheists; it's too complicated for you to understand. But I read the Bible, and nothing you say can convince me that God does not exist. ARGUMENT FROM PERSONAL INCREDULITY (I) (1) If evolution is false, then creationism is true, and therefore God exists. ARGUMENT FROM UNINTELLIGENCE (1) Okay, I don't pretend to be as intelligent as you guys you're obviously very well read. ARGUMENT FROM CREATIVE INTERPRETATION (1) God is: (a) The feeling you have when you look at a newborn baby. PERCHANCE'S SISTER'S ARGUMENT (IV) (1) I don't like abortion. (3) Therefore, God exists, and our prayer healers deserve to be paid like regular doctors. ARGUMENT FROM VACUUM ABHORRENCE (1) Everything has to be filled with something, because nature abhors a vacuum. MICKEY'S ARGUMENT FROM HOLY GHOST (1) I felt the holy ghost descend on me, and it made me shake. entropy) says that a system runs down, like a rusting old car. (2) If you invest money by donating to my ministry, God will make you rich. (3) Someone is putting a 50 dollar bill in an envelope 50 dollars for our ministry! (2) Prayer sometimes works to bring people back to God and cure their disease. (2) God must have wanted us to do this (and we've never heard of Guns, Germs & Steel, by Jared Diamond). ARGUMENT FROM THE 2nd LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (III) (1) The Second Law of Thermodynamics (e.g. (2) Like on buildings and walls and trees and clouds and pancakes and cheese sandwiches. (2) When you call something a 'proof' that means you have shown the result to be true. ARGUMENT FROM MULTIPLICITY (V) (recursive internet edition) (1) There exists a web page ( Proof.htm) (2) That page has hundreds of purported proofs of the existence of God. » If you've got another proof of God, please email your recommendation to Mark « » For real proofs of the nonexistence of any god, see "Why Atheism? ARGUMENT FROM FALWELL (1) Jerry Falwell said some really stupid things after September 11th. (4) No, it had nothing to do with the public outcry!

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(3) I say an eternal universe is an arbitrary necessity. (8) [Atheist gives up and goes home.] (9) Therefore, God exists. (d) Humankind's potential to overcome their difficulties. (4) I can use religious exemption claims to tie the IRS up in court. (1.5) Actually, we did so in the hopes of curing our own insecurities about theism but there's no chance in hell we'll ever admit that. (3) But that's because they don't want to admit to being sinners. (2) But I must put on the appearance of being cool and intellectual in front of my Christian apologist peers. (2) But they only say that because they want to look cool and intellectual in front of their peers. (4) This just goes to show how they need God in their lives. ARGUMENT FROM DENIAL OF QUENTIN SMITH (1) Quentin Smith says that God does not exist. (3) Therefore, Quentin Smith cannot be accepted as an expert on the matter, because he is wrong. KENT HOVIND'S ARGUMENT (1) I don't want to work for a living. (3) I can get gullible fundamentalists to send me money. ARGUMENT FROM KENT HOVIND'S CHALLENGE (1) Kent Hovind offers 0,000 (which may or may not exist) to anyone who can demonstrate evolution (defined as a natural, acausal origin of the universe) to a reasonable doubt (meaning with 100% certainty, allowing for no other possibilities whatsoever) in front of a neutral committee (handpicked by Hovind himself) and according to certain criteria (carefully worded so as to rule out any possibility whatsoever of the challenge ever being met). ARGUMENT FROM COINCIDENCE (1) We were driving home with our youth pastor when it started to rain really hard outside. ARGUMENT FROM COMPUTERS (1) I tried to delete a copy of the TEN COMMANDMENTS from my computer. PERCHANCE'S SISTER'S ARGUMENT (III) (1) I wanted it to be a sunny day. (2) Your knowledge in philosophy is paltry in comparison to mine. at least thats what all my Christian friends tell me.

(4) Obviously, God didn't want to answer my prayer. (6) The rain was God's punishment for my selfish desires. METACROCK'S ARGUMENT FOR GOD (I) (1) I have a philosophy degree. Lewis had a lot of good arguments in favor of Christianity ...

(3) Based upon my subjective opinion, your opinion, that if everything is subjective then, perforce, God is subjective, is false. ARGUMENT FROM POSTMODERNISM (1) I'm going to prove to you that God exists. (2) If the reader finishes reading this proof, the existence of God will be proven to him/her. D.-in-Evolutionary-Biology, this proves that evolution is an unsound scientific concept. ARGUMENT FROM MYSTERIOUS USE OF PREPOSITIONS (1) It is impossible to disprove God with your puny human intellect unless you are above God. (3) Ill take that puzzled look on your face as a 'No.' (4) Therefore, God (being the highest thing ever) exists. DESIGN/TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT (III) (1) If there is a designer, then God must exist. ARGUMENT FROM PERSONAL INCREDULITY (III) (1) Isn't X amazing! (3) It is beyond human ability for so many authors over so long a time to write so many books from which we could hammer such a plot. (2) No other religious text describes a god that died for our sins! (2) No other religious text describes a god that rose from the dead! (2) Similarly, the atheist side occupies another extreme side of the spectrum. (4) Therefore, the liberal position on God is the most correct. JACK CHICK'S ARGUMENT FROM COMICS (1) I have all these cool Jesus comics. ARGUMENT FROM WE ALL GOT FAITH (1) We all believe in something. (3) My faith in God is no different from your faith that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.