Oracle if updating trigger

25-Sep-2017 06:55

This is perhaps the most frequent error made in the use of triggers—performing an operation that cannot be rolled back.(Note that you do not need to perform the rollback yourself to have a rollback happen.Now, whenever possible, I will go very far out of my way to avoid a trigger.I have two primary reasons for avoiding triggers: Hopefully the first reason to avoid triggers, the maintenance headache, is fairly easy to see.That is not possible--you need to instead change the definition of the view.Our technologist looks at trigger maintenance and implementation challenges.And just as you would not review a CREATE TABLE statement while reviewing a package implementation, most people do not review the hidden code in a trigger.The first reason I have for disliking triggers (the long-term maintenance headache) is merely an “I find them a pain in the neck” reason.

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When we retrieve that column, the query does not return the updated column values, but other columns are being updated and we are able to see those values. It happens more often than you might think, in real life.) I looked at their trigger and decided immediately that I did not like it.

Second, they blindly overwrite the NAME attribute in the trigger.

This causes confusion (otherwise, I would not have received the e-mail in the first place! In this system, this NAME attribute was apparently not expected to always be “fname

There was no reason to ever store the result of the function in the table.

Your view contains a virtual column Actor_Full Name, which is a concatenation of two other real columns.

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