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ANTONIO CITTERIO: The project took into account the original industrial-like features of the building, maintaining the high volumes and eliminating the superfetation that had accumulated over the years with the different purposes the commercial space had been used for.

Special attention was given to the perception of the original height of the ceilings, which are higher than four meters, as well as to the design of the existing entrance door and windows, which were maintained as an element of the location’s historical memory.

Cutie cu platforma pentru tractor SŁ 1200, 1,2 m Lățimea (m) 1.2 Lățimea laterală (m) 0,85 Înălțime spate (m) 0,58 Înălțimea de montare (m) 0,85 Înălțimea frontului (m) 0.4 Capacitate (dm3) 500 Greuta...

Greder de nivelare a pamantul DIEGO FLOOR BM023, 2400 MM - Greutate 200 kg - număr de greble 17 - lățimea de lucru 2400 mm - lățime 2400 mm - înălțime 1000 mm - adâncime de 1500 mm - 35 k W / hp Echi...

Cutie cu platformă cu lamă pentru tractor SŁ 1800, 1,8 m Lățime (m) 1.8 Lățimea laterală (m) 0,85 Înălțime spate (m) 0,58 Înălțimea de montare (m) 0,85 Înălțimea frontului (m) 0.4 Capacitate (dm³) 74...

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In the area of products for the home, B&B Italia has always had this vision of the role of the company on the raw material, or on the production process, or on the design.AC: One product from B&B Italia I’m particularly fond of is the Charles sofa system by B&B Italia, dating back from 1997 and now available also in the outdoor version.First conceived for the living room of my apartment in downtown Milan, it was put into production and it’s still a best-seller after all these years.WW: What kind of emotion and atmosphere did you want to convey outside of traditional settings of rooms?

AC: This space allowed us to present the products in a different way from the existing showroom on 58th Street, which we originally designed in 1988.Large backlit images and sophisticated dividing elements in metal mesh are accompanied by a winter garden with luxuriant hydroponic plants.

This is one of just 12 such ‘continuous carpets’ of the coral known to exist in the world, said Scott France, a deep-sea biologist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.… continue reading »

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