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- Jai Kali Ma – The blessed combination of worship and kirtan opens the heart to the unfathomed potential of surrender.

Ceremonial Blessing Introduction of new seating and Menu. He is the embodiment of the perfect generosity of all buddhas and bodhisattvas in the past, present and future.Peter presents this actual condition in straightforward language, inviting you to recognize and deepen your exploration and discovery of this astounding, Divine actuality that you already are, right here and now.First Monday of each month 12-5pm Experience the beautiful healing energy and scent of all Natural Sacred Color Energy Oils.This experience created a depth of gratitude in the community that is still felt. This is a blessing from local farms, from herbs dense with powers of healing and longevity.

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It is with a deep respect that Key Tea will conjure our plant friends.

He is the spiritual director of Vajrayana Foundation in the Santa Cruz Mountains.