Disability back dating

28-Oct-2017 11:13

On Oct 5 2010 I had lower lumbar diskectomy and with lamintomy decompression on right and left side of spine.Cigna paid my STD thru 1/13/11 but reviewed for LTD in Jan.As a multi-billion dollar corporation Cigna is in business to collect premiums and try to make as much money as possible.

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I have been unable to stand or walk for any significant amout of time and still have severe low back pain. Cigna stated that MRI done on 12/9/10 was unremarkable even though it did show a re herniation of disc that was involved in surgery.

Our disability insurance attorneys have assisted hundreds of Cigna claimants with either their application for benefits, disability ERISA appeal, lawsuit against Cigna, or a Cigna lump-sum buyout offer.

Cigna, a publicly traded company and the parent company of Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) is one of the world’s largest Group ERISA long-term disability insurance companies.

You have been paid through February 7, 2011, so CIGNA will usualy take 7-14 days to review updated medical records.

Short term disability claims are very difficult when a disability carrier is asking for medical records every week.We want you to know as much as possible about Cigna and their disability claim handling tactics. We hope you find the following information about Cigna helpful: As a disability insurance law firm with clients located nationwide, we have the ability to monitor the claims handling tactics of Cigna throughout the country.

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