Ssis updating data

08-Jul-2017 21:54

I even Created several other cubes to see if i have missed a step during cube creation to add related dimentions. Are you processing the whole project or just the cube? Try processing the dimensions first and then process the cube.

I noticed that I have to process the top level item in the solution explorer. I am not an expert myself, but I understood that there is a difference between updating ("process") and "deploy".

Over the past year, new features have been added including: Integrated Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 Visual Studio Premium 2012 Visual Studio Professional 2012 Standalone, add-in (free) SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Updates In-shell notification for standalone, add-in.

Integrated Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Visual Studio Premium 2013 Visual Studio Professional 2013 Standalone (free) Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web Windows Azure SDK for Visual Studio 2013 Updates In-shell notification & delivery With the release of SQL Server 2014 CTP2, we have added support for SQL Server 2014 via a release of SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server 2014 CTP2.

Process in BIDS it will not reflect the new changes even though when I retrieve the table data in SQL server Management Studio the table shows my data is changed.

This version of SSDT-BI for SQL Server 2012 that is currently available will continue to be available after the SQL Server 2014 release.

The cube will only update the fact tables when i perform any deployment process. To MANUALLY process, connect to the ANALYSIS SERVICES instance using management studio.

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