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Most (but not all) postings require people with a Master's degree in a specific area, as well as experience in a particular area of expertise.That experience can come from professional or volunteer roles.If you are from a developing country, you will have an advantage over other candidates from a developed country IF you also have the exact skills and experience needed for a role.If you do not have the exact match of skills and experience asked for in a job, you are NOT going to be interviewed.The information on this page has been adapted from posts to the Aid Workers Network (AWN) by Graham Wood and Jayne Cravens, as well as various other posters to AWN.

If the job is for a communications manager, and you have a biology degree but just really, really want to work for the UN, you aren't going to be interviewed.If the job is to direct public health education, and you're experience is as a corporate marketing manager, you aren't going to be interviewed.

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