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27-Oct-2017 22:43

I could see this fitting almost any age category because it’s more of a personality than a time of life scent, if that makes sense. This was the first bottle of perfume I actually bought on my own for myself.

I had been given a little sample vial of it by a friend who knew my tastes and had smelled this while she was out in department store.

I would wear this on dates, my dates would always comment on how amazing I smelt!

Still to this day there is nothing like hot couture and I will always own a bottle.

Artificial raspberry blooms that take over the formula, a note of pepper that remains but remains understated to a very undefined floral bouquet--a scent that begins and end on the same note with very little change. I remember the first time I smelt this years ago on someone else and asked them what they were wearing.

It reminds me of teenage girls and not in an interesting way. It smelt so delicious, I had never smelt anything like it.

One of the more unique perfumes still on the market right now.

Suitable for all ages (perhaps above 18, but I think a brooding 14yr old could possibly pull it off). It's bright and effervescent with the raspberry and citrus notes, while the pepper gives it some attitude.

Perfume was created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier in 2000, while the bottle was designed by Serge Mansau.The base is warm and woodsy and keeps the composition sultry throughout.