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He vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and after a lengthy trial was cleared of all charges.Meanwhile, his personal finances were also in ruins.Feel at home in refined hospitality, right in the heart of Penang and Asia.The property is now able to cater to families and small groups in quiet comfort tucked away in the streets of Penang’s heritage city.Walker – who had already survived two heart attacks and stomach cancer – found new stamina for arduous dealings among the new capitalist barons of the Eastern bloc.George Walker’s most endearing characteristic was his devotion to his wife, Jean, with whom he had fallen in love when she was 16.

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He had bold ideas, and backed them heavily with borrowed money – a strategy which the press acclaimed as “visionary” when times were good, but which provoked the relentless hostility of his bankers when the economic tide turned against him.In negotiations he could be rough and physically intimidating, but even the toughest of the financiers with whom he battled later confessed to liking him.He encountered snobbery from the business establishment during his early rise, but by the mid-Eighties he was courted from every corner of the City.'Brent played hundreds of roles throughout his career but his greatest role was to his family and friends. We will miss him dearly.'Originally from Moberly, Missouri, the actor worked in television and film for nearly 30 years, most recently playing Det. He became a fan-favorite in NBC's Park's and Recreation, where he played J. Thanks for serving Leslie all those waffles.' Briscoe got his first acting credit in 1990, when he appeared in Burt Reynold’s sitcom Evening Shade after graduating from the University of Missouri.

J., the owner of Amy Pohler's Leslie Knope's beloved JJ's Diner. He often worked with director David Lynch, serving once again as a detective in his 2001 movie, Mulholland Drive.The actor also served as a writer on the sitcom Evening Shade and on the film The Right To Remain Silent, and had guest starring roles on NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.