Dating someone coming out of a relationship

15-Sep-2017 03:15

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If your partner does not feel comfortable being around you when you are drinking, it’s important to respect that.If you don’t, there could be some tension and frustration in the relationship, and it could possibly jeopardize your partner’s recovery.Some people in recovery are OK being around alcohol, while for others it is too tempting.This can depend on a number of factors, including how long your partner has been sober and how confident they are in their sobriety.Here are a few pieces of advice for this situation, coming from someone in recovery.Some people in recovery may have been dating their partner when they decided to get sober, and in situations like these, it’s likely the partner understands why their significant other decided to make changes in their life.Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and like her blog for updates.Author's Website Beth is a newspaper reporter and graphic designer from Minnesota who writes about the realities of getting sober young.

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This can make it a bit more difficult for you, the non-sober significant other, to understand why your partner decided to cut out alcohol.But more often than not, they will probably be happy you asked because it reflects the fact that you care and are trying your best to understand them and their lifestyle.Asking questions will help you gain a better understanding of your partner and likely make future discussions easier.Because there are certain stereotypes about people who are sober, it’s easy to think they wouldn’t want to be invited to places such as bars or that they’d rather be left out of alcohol-centered events.

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While this may be the case for some people in recovery, it’s not the case for everyone.It’s no secret that dating can be tough — and it can be even tougher to date if you’re not sober but your partner is.