Dating burtonmail

29-Jun-2017 21:17

The Burton Daily Mail Ltd had also started publication of the Burton Football Mail in 1946.

The Burton Daily Mail Ltd continued as a trust-operated company until the early 1980s when it was bought out and incorporated into the Birmingham Post and Mail group of titles, then owned by the Iliffe family.

The Burton Mail first appeared on , as the local mouthpiece of the town's Conservative Party.

It was set up in competition to the existing Burton Guardian, which in turn represented the views of the Liberal Party.

Local World had been formed by former Trinity chief exec David Montgomery in 2012 to consolidate all DMGT's local newspaper holdings other than the Metro, expanding their holdings while streamlining production, to make the group more saleable.

Its 115 titles are formed primarily by those of Harmsworth's historic Northcliffe Newspapers Group, alongside other smaller purchases made by DMGT and Local World subsequently, including the 2007 purchase from Trinity.

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Mr Disney explained that since then they have been fund raising for good causes.

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