Dating with no money

19-Jul-2017 05:54

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When I began my career as a single man, I struggled heavily with this.

I still struggle with it because I know that until my generation’s women start having children, this issue will continue.

Chrissie’s first husband, Pete, could have been a poster child for “financially irresponsible men.” Not long after their wedding, Pete lost his job.

For a time he made a show of trying to find another one.

If the twenty-something woman has access to [older] men with more money, why would she go on a date to Applebee’s?

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This is more common than you might think—does it mean he can’t date?

Today’s young men are not accustomed to being broke when compared to women. The presumption is that she (a) doesn’t have a horse, and (b) she wasn’t going anywhere in the first place or wherever you were going was much better. What if riding off with you will lower her standard of living?Later, you may disable this option for a certain member, by deleting his/her entry from your list : "Allowed to see my private photos".

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