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After retiring worked a Government Travel Contract for Carlson Travel for five years at the Nashville Military Entrance Processing Station for 5 years, at which time I completely retired. My wife Betty recently retired, we live in Nashville.I treasure my years with Ozark Airlines, and the many friends that I met along the way.Compare Same Face, Different Name, where the creator hides the fact that he's doing something different under a new name.Former Ozark employees, providing a brief bio of life after Ozark, can be found at this site.You may email Don at ([email protected]) (Updated 10-17-06) '76 - The End (Flight Attendant - STL).

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I would be happy to hear from any of my old friends. I now work as a parts advisor for a major recreational vehicle manufacturer in Indiana.I am interested in genealogy & have traced my family's name back to 1585 & 1604. My wife Karen has won a battle with cancer and is doing great. After OZA '86 went with TWA transferring to OMA - The following tribute was provide by Don's son Mike (He was in service with TWA at the time he passed away from a year long battle with cancer.