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29-Oct-2017 06:45

Dr Rowan Williams has said he is retiring as Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of 2012 to take up a post at Cambridge University.

In a statement on the Archbishop's website , Dr Rowan Williams says he intends to retire in December to take up a position as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

It still exists as The Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child.

-O-O-O-O I was recently given a postcard with the image below. The Churching of Women, in the Book of Common Prayer, was more properly called The Thanksgiving of Women after Childbirth.

Throughout my ministry, I have used it as a precursor to baptism as it includes the giving of a Gospel to the child, something which I hope will be of use to them when they are old enough to understand."Evensong, one of the official services of the Anglican Communion, has a centuries old tradition.

The very controversial Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, is credited with publishing the first order of Evensong in 1549.

"He is a real brother to me in Christ."Dr Williams added that there were a number of "watersheds" this year, such as the forthcoming vote by the General Synod, the National Assembly of the Church of England, on whether to give final approval to legislation introducing women bishops."A number of what I call watersheds seemed to make this a reasonable moment, at least, to think about moving on," he said.

"When a possibility arrived that looked credible and attractive, it seemed right to think about it."Dr Williams' return to academia will mark the end of more than 20 years as a bishop and archbishop.In the choral service, sections of the liturgy are strategically set to music.

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