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Mai reported the site to the archaeological commission for British Honduras, today Belize. The site was first noted and documented archaeologically in 1937 by A. During this time Satterthwaite primarily focused on finding and documenting monuments, later removing several stelae and altars to the University Museum.

In the early 1980s, Paul Healy of Trent University investigated Caracol’s core area, recording several architectural groups, and noting the extensive terrace systems and high population density for the surrounding area.

and within this area, structures are generally situated equidistantly and are integrated with the terrace system.

The town grew into one of the largest ancient Maya cities, covering some 177 km² with an estimated population of over 100,000 The Caracol was officially founded in AD 331 (8..4) by Te’ K’ab Chaak.

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The name comes from the glyph, which shows a star (presumably Venus) pouring liquid on the earth.Researchers would say to go to "that one place with all the snails", and this eventually developed into just referring to it as "Caracol".When visiting the site you will see that snails are quite literally everywhere.After the AD 798 date, the site core is still prosperous, yet shows less cohesion between the center and outlying areas.

Warfare event credited to K’inich Joy K'awil on Stela 11 (erected AD 800), indicating the capture of eight captives; then in 800 CE, K’inich Joy K'awiil captured the lord of Ucanal. K’inich Toobil Yopaat’s accession date is not certain (c.K'an II performed a ritual of alliance in Calakmul's territory the following January (

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