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While the sex of a child is determined by the type of sperm that fertilises the mother’s egg, it is thought the mineral content of the prospective father’s blood has no effect on which it will be.

Scientists believe that mineral levels in a would-be mother’s blood make her more receptive to either sperm bearing XX chromosomes, which lead to girls, or XY sperm.

Add in .5-1 cup per day for protein and fiber benefits,” Brown adds.

Legumes are similiar to beans, only they tend to grow in pods, so think: lentils, peas, chick peas, soybeans.

Just one cup of calcium-fortified hemp milk has about 3g of protein and 30% of your daily calcium needs (Calorie Counter).

And for an even bigger protein punch, drink soy milk. Have a glass with breakfast, pour some in cereal, or add a splash to your smoothies.

At the end of the trial, reported in the journal Reproductive Bio Medicine Online, out of 32 couples who completed the programme, 26 mothers gave birth to girls and only six had boys.

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‘This method is experimental, but we have proved it works.’Her company carried out the research with teams from Delft and Maastricht universities. Then, aim to get .5-.7g of protein per pound of bodyweight daily, suggests Bonci, divided evenly among meals. Ideally, slip 25-35g of protein and at least 2g of leucine (an essential amino acid and protein building block largely found in whey-fortified foods—including Better Whey of Life yogurt, Detour bars, and Mix1 shakes—into each meal.

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