Constitutional and administrative law updating supplement

19-Sep-2017 15:31

Landmark case law, of both Indian and Foreign jurisdictions, have been included.

Cases that illustrate the application of the rules of interpretation have been set out in tabular form, making the book very user friendly.

It includes thorough analysis of key topics such as Delegated Legislation, Judicial Control of Administrative Action, Right to Information, Principles of Natural Justice, Ombudsman and Central Vigilance Commission, and Government Contracts.

It also critically analyses the latest developments in India such as the concept of fairness and transparency as new components of the principles of natural justice, relevance of Wednesbury principles in judicial review, scope of the doctrine of legitimate expectation, scope of opportunity of hearing, and Right to Information against judicial officers.

It covers the position of law in India and other foreign jurisdictions including UK and USA.

constitutional and administrative law updating supplement-29

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The volume includes select extracts from the Debates in the Constituent Assembly, which framed the Constitution of India.It assesses the consequential development of constitutional and administrative law through relevant case law in the field.References have been made to appropriate features of judicial review.Important features of administrative law like natural justice and malafides, non-application of mind, discriminatory treatment, fairness and reasonableness and many more are deeply rooted in the book.

An exclusive chapter on judicial review, and re-employment is also included.

The most authoritative, monumental, encyclopedic and indispensable work since last 84 years - is here!

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