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10-Sep-2017 03:53

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That may change as more users become aware of the feature, but don’t count on it.However, even for users who aren’t eager to engage in XXX-rated chitchat, there are a few pluses.Look for more changes from Chatroulette in the near future.We previously reported that its young founder Andrey Ternovskiy has enlisted Napster founder Shawn Fanning as an advisor, and the site may start using filters and reputation systems to help weed out users who have a habit of spontaneously displaying their genitals. I like people with good manners and who are polite .

Ben Folds has been inundated with so many questions about his doppelganger that he's offering a tribute of sorts in concerts, mimicking Merton's piano improv while watching Chatroulette. - Chatroulette is an intriguing, innovative social networking/chat/video site with a huge problem: penises.- The Daily Show's Jon Stewart tried Chatroulette last night and, viola, there were Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and a characteristically preachy Keith Olbermann, all doing hilarious bits.Not to speak of Jason Jones in a state of undress doing something we can't repeat here. - Chatroulette is getting “next big thing” buzz all over the Internet, with many swearing that the site, which lets you video chat with random people all over the world, is a total revolution.A second, related feature is Channelroulette, which lets you start or join a channel with a custom title/theme.

Unsurprisingly, the top user-created channels are primarily focused on sex.weighs in on the day's hottest Internet mystery: Is the Chatroulette piano guy/You Tube-viral-video star actually Ben Folds?